Emergency & Pain Services

Our team quickly responds to the needs of our patients. When patients call in needing emergency treatment, most times we can see them on the same day.

Tooth pain can be severe. If you have a tooth pain that is keeping you up at night or making it hard to focus, give us a call right away. Infections should also be taken seriously. If you have any swelling, please call our office right away. When you call with emergency pain, please provide as much information as possible so our team can quickly help you:

  • Which teeth or tooth is bothering you?
  • Was trauma or recent damage done to that area?
  • How long has this pain been going on?

Even if you are nervous to call us or think it may not be a serious problem, we would love to talk with you and help you with your unique situation. Keep in mind that tooth pain can come and go. Even if pain subsides at times, it does not mean that the problem or infection is gone. Give us a call at 712-737-4177 or contact us here to schedule time to take care of your emergency pain.

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